• Nicaraguan youth receive scholarships from Building New Hope

    A core activity of Building New Hope is connecting talented youth to educational opportunities. In 2016, we were able to fund 36 students to attend middle and high school. Learn More

Upcoming Events

Fri. April 28 Creative Mornings Pgh at Ascend 8:30-10 am, May 12-13 May Market at Phipps, Sat. May 20 morning Coffee Sampling at 61B Cafe.

Other News

It’s official, El Porvneir’s coffee is now also certified bird-friendly, the highest level of shade-grown and organic certification!¬† We’ve launched a “green coffee campaign” to help the community get this year’s harvest to Pittsburgh – no donation too small: https://www.crowdrise.com/buildingnewhope¬† Coffee leaves Nicaragua for the U.S. on April 27!