• Please donate to help cover the cost of what the El Porvenir farmers earn per pound for the green coffee they grow, harvest, process, and dry plus shipping to the USA. They are in great need this year, so give back to the community which provides you with great coffee for a great cause. We've raised half the funds for this year's harvest purchase but need your help to raise the rest! #MyPorvenir Click here to donate #MyPorvenir Green Harvest

Upcoming Events

#FairTrade #organic #birdfriendly certified #coffee sampling at East End Food  Co-op Sat. Sept. 30 11am-2pm. Want to fundraise for your cause with BNH “Great Coffee for a Great Cause?”  Contact us info@buildingnewhope.org

Other News

The youth group from Sixth Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh traveled the end of June to visit the BNH schools and to volunteer at the El Porvenir Coffee Cooperative.  The 2016-17 green crop and first officially bird-certified by Smithsonian beans have arrived in Pittsburgh! We’ve launched a “green harvest coffee campaign” to help the community defray … Read On