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Casa Lupita

The message of poverty in Nicaragua is sent out from its streets in myriad ways.... including that of starving street dogs. Ribs protruding, mange infested, parasitic, and weak, they lumber through the streets, groveling through garbage, trying to stay alive and barely succeeding.

Building New Hope took a quantum leap in constructing a health clinic for street animals in Granada to alleviate their suffering and to curb their population. The facility provides a much needed community health service by reducing dog bites, rabies, parasites and flea and tic infestation.

Work horses that dominate Granada's streets also receive our attention for nutritional and parasite problems.

We invite volunteer veterinary professionals to work with us in their animal care area of expertise. Non-professionals who simply care about and respect animals can donate money for dog and cat food for hungry strays.

"In the eyes of the speechless animal, there is wisdom that only the truly wise can understand."

-From a Native American legend