The Taste

El Porvenir’s organic, shade-grown arabica coffee beans are hand-selected. The green beans are roasted to order by 19 Coffee, a specialty micro-roaster in Washington, PA. We honor the El Porvenir farmers’ request to never blend their coffee—it is always single-origin, certified organicallly-grown, and delicious!

The Coffee Project strives to surpass Fair Trade minimum standards by


Sustaining a long-term relationship—through harvests, large and small—with a small coffee cooperative.
Annually negotiating a price informed by, but not beholden to, so-called “market prices.” We consistently pay significantly above Fair Trade minimums.
Making pre-payments: We pay 75 percent of the purchase price prior to delivery.
Supporting community development via grants for secondary education, university scholarships, and emergency needs.

Our Fans Agree

“We love good coffee at Global Links, and good coffee that supports the lives of the people and community that grows it and picks it fits in perfectly with our values. Building New Hope also makes it easy for us to stay appropriately caffeinated with their easy delivery. I highly recommend their coffee and their service.”

– Kathleen Hower, CEO and Co-founder, Global Links

Building New Hope has purchased more than 150,000 pounds of organic coffee.

The Impact:

  • El Porvenir farmers have replanted dozens of hectares of coffee
  • Their surrounding community has diversified its cultivation
  • The community has built and staffed a primary school

And meanwhile, Pittsburgh-area schools and church groups have raised funds for a wide-range of educational and community-building projects.


“We have made close to $20,000 in profits, half of which has stayed in our community helping local families to have food on their tables for the holidays. The other half has provided donations to BNH, The Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh, The American Cancer Society, The Functional Literacy Ministry of Haiti, Two High School scholarships to students in Nicaragua and a new computer to a rural school in Costa Rica delivered by our students. Over the years this experience has taught my students the value of serving others, the difficulty of living what we consider a normal daily life, and what fair trade means to the people who actually receive the fair trade price. Thank you Building New Hope!”

– Jeff Poole, Middle School Spanish Teacher, Franklin Regional, Murrysville, PA

There’s even more on the horizon.

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