Coffee begins with the people who grow and harvest it! The El Porvenir Cooperative is nestled on the side of a verdant mountain outside of Leon, Nicaragua. Not more than 300 people, the community collectively owns the land they farm and live on. Together, the community owns but a single vehicle-a 1970s Ford tractor that brings not only members of the community up the mountain, but also shuttles the fresh green unroasted coffee beans down the mountain on its first leg of a long journey to Pittsburgh. The community believes its social cohesion (members of El Porvenir are former Sandinistas, Contra and Somoza supporters), as well as preserving their natural environment. El Porvenir coffee is unique in its shade-roasted, bird-friendly, wholly-organic process. With no electricity, no running water, and no internet – we think El Porvenir does a mighty fine job producing a world-class end product.