Nicaraguan students who attend public schools face serious limitations including a four-hour school day in facilities that often lack adequate supplies of computers, books, art supplies or science equipment. Building New Hope, in collaboration with seven Nicaraguan professional educators, operates two supplemental learning projects that serve approximately 150 students living in low-income neighborhoods in Granada. Our education programs rely on local educators and our programs are free of any religious indoctrination. We also provide 35 scholarships high-achieving students to attend high school.

Escuelita Yo Puedo

Escuelita Yo Puedo welcomes children from one of Granada’s poorest neighborhoods to enter its colorful classrooms where they learn to read and do math in addition to playing games, singing songs, and exploring their imaginations through art. Children also learn about taking care of their bodies via hygiene and exercise. They have opportunities to learn via computers, to practice piano, and make a weekly trip to the community library to engage in silent and group reading. Escuelita teachers also organize special field trips, providing their students with a day of  swimming, hiking, picnicking, and sightseeing.

Quinta Los Chavalos

Traveling down a rutted, dirt road, deep in Barrio Miralago in the city of Granada, one can hear the excited voices of young people. The bright blue gate and a welcoming “Quinta Los Chavalos” sign says that you have reached a special place for many of the barrio’s children, where, as one young student tells us, “learning is a beautiful thing.” Two professional Nicaraguan educators, assisted by volunteers, provide tutoring for dozens of youth in literacy and math in addition to providing opportunities to study art, computers, science, and advanced math. Piano concerts, art shows, piñata making, and museum trips help round out our young students, taking them to new horizons in preparation for life beyond the barrio.

Scholarship Program

For more than a decade, BNH has provided scholarships for promising students identified by BNH teachers to attend quality high schools in Granada. Several recipients attained academic distinction during high school and have enrolled in university degree programs.